10 Year Repair or Replace Guarantee on Comparison PLastics Polyethylene / Plastic Rain Water Tanks
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10 Year Repair or Replace Guarantee
Comparison Plastics Pty Ltd (the manufacturer) guarantee to repair or replace (at our option), any defect or fault in our water tank products caused by our own manufacturing process for a period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase, providing the tank has been installed according to our ‘Comparison Plastics Tank Installation Guide’.
  1. The guarantee is granted to the original purchaser only.

  2. The guarantee is limited to the repair or replacement of the tank only. This is solely at Comparison Plastics Pty Ltd discretion.

  3. The manufacturer will not be liable for any consequential losses including loss of profits or damage to property.

  4. The manufacturer will repair or replace the tank but will not be responsible for associated costs such as removal, installation, labour, fittings, pipes, tank base, pumps and transport.

  5. All slimline tanks are to have a safety bracket (purchased separately) fitted to the back of the tank by the installer and then secured to the building or appropriate structure.

  6. Slimline tanks must be installed onto an appropriately designed level concrete slab.

  7. This guarantee shall not be effective unless the completed guarantee card is returned to the manufacturer within thirty (30) days of the purchase date.

  8. Tanks purchased for the purpose of water storage are restricted to that purpose only. Storage of any other materials in the tank will void this guarantee (Tank is not designed to be a transporter).

  9. The guarantee does not cover the tank colour which may in time fade or change. Further, the strainer, outlet, valve, overflow or any other fittings, are guaranteed for 12 months only.

  10. This guarantee does not cover any defect, failure or deterioration in the polyethylene tank where any one of the following is a contributing (as determined by Comparison Plastics Pty Ltd) cause of such defect, failure or deterioration.

    1. The tank is not properly secured by the purchaser on delivery. It is recommended that there be at least 50mm of water in the tank or that the tank is otherwise secured immediately upon delivery.
    2. The purchaser does not install the tank in accordance with the Comparison Plastics Tank installation Guide.
    3. Damage is caused resulting from a modification to the tank not authorised in writing by the manufacturer.
    4. The tank is moved from its original site.
    5. Fittings are attached by other than the manufacturer.
    6. The manufacturer is not notified of any defect or fault within seven (7) days of it occurring.
    7. The manufacturer is not given the opportunity to inspect the tank within twenty-eight (28) days of such
    8. Malicious damage or negligent use of the tank or its fittings.
    9. Abnormal external influences including but not limited to mechanical abrasion, falling objects, explosion, fire,
      acts of war, harmful gasses or fumes, chemicals or foreign substances. The determination and /or application of
      this clause remains solely at the discretion of Comparison Plastics Pty Ltd.

  11. As a condition of this guarantee the purchaser accepts responsibility for associated costs incurred to inspect and or rectify any problems if, upon inspection, damage has been caused by other than manufacture or design faults.

  12. Comparison Plastics Pty Ltd will not repair or replace any other company’s products. The purchaser will reimburse Comparison Plastics Pty Ltd for any costs incurred for travel if, upon arrival at site, the product is found to be manufactured by another company.

  13. This guarantee is additional to any mandatory condition and warranty which may be implied by law.
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