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Congratulations on your purchase of a Comparison Plastics tank. This installation guide will help you prepare for the arrival of your new water tank. Please pay particular attention to site preparation and plumbing requirements, as these provisions have an influence on your guarantee.

Once your installation is complete you can enjoy fresh rainwater for your home and garden from your Comparison Plastics tank.
Decide on Your Plumbing Configuration and Fittings
Do you need extra fittings or valves? Comparison Plastics supply on delivery an inlet strainer, outlet and screened overflow. Extra fittings are available on request for an additional charge. All other plumbing work to and away from the tank are the responsibility of the purchaser.
Delivery can be arranged for all Comparison Plastics tanks, access permitting. The tank will be delivered on one of our trucks or maybe a truck and trailer depending on the load configuration of the truck at the time of delivery. A truck and trailer can be up to 19 metres long, if your property can not accommodate a truck of this size you should let us know so we can make alternate delivery arrangements. Please check roundabouts, crossings, roads, gates and overhanging trees on your property so that we can deliver your tank without damage to the tank or your property. If a crane or other equipment must be used in the delivery of your tank, hire of this equipment it at the purchaser’s expense.
Arrange Assistance
Our delivery driver will need your assistance to unload your tank. You will be required to arrange able-bodied people to assist with the delivery of your tank. If assistance can not be arranged then hire or use of any equipment is at the purchaser’s expense.

Able-bodied persons required on delivery to unload truck:
  • 1 000 – 3 500 litres round tanks…………..1 person + driver
  • 5 000 – 10 000 litres round tanks………...2 people + driver
  • All slimline tanks................................2 people + driver
Please Note: Our driver will assist in the unloading of your tank but will not assist in the installation.
Secure Your Tank
Comparison Plastics recommends that you put at least 50mm of water into the tank or otherwise secure your tank from being damaged by the weather. Comparison Plastics take no responsibility for a tank being damaged in this way.
Prepare Your Site
Please see Comparison Plastics Tank Installation Guide.
Terms: Strictly Cash on or prior to delivery.
On Pad
  • Prepare an earth pad greater than the diametre of the tank so that no part of the tank is unsupported by the pad. Use consolidated fill with 50-75 mm of sand on top surface.

  • OR
  • Prepare a reinforced concrete pad that is level and greater than the diametre of the tank.
  • Tank must be rolled into position or manoeuvred by a crane, (at purchaser’s expense), if truck access is poor.
  • Tank must be tied down or otherwise secured immediately upon delivery.
On Tank Stand
  • Prepare a stand with hardwood decking with gaps no greater than thirty (30)mm. Decking should be adequately supported to prevent sagging of decking when tank is full.
  • Tank must be lifted into position with a crane (crane hire at owners expense).
  • Tank must be immediately secured to stand.
  • It is recommended that water be directed into the tank through a screened inlet strainer. Fixed inlet pipes must be supported by the stand and include a flexible hose fitted (similar to outlet instructions).
  • Outlet must have 300 mm of flexible hose fitted between the valve and other plumbing. Outlet plumbing must
    be supported by a stand or appropriate support independent of the tank.
  • When connecting overflow water must be piped away from the tank to prevent undermining of the tank support pad.

  • Important Note: Water volume of the inlet must equal water volume of the overflow. Do not use an overflow pipe with a smaller diametre than the inlet pipe.

  • Backfilling of the tank is allowable, up to 200 mm.
    Note: Comparison Plastics Tanks must not be installed
    below ground.

Must not have undersized base pad Do not use corrugated iron under tank
Do not use wooden sleepers under tank Tank must not be installed on rocky or uneven ground with little or no base preparation
Tank base underminded - inadequate overflow length Unsupported pipe work puts excess pressure on tank wall
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your tank installation please contact us.
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