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Why Comparison?
Council Rebate
Thicker at the base tapering up to the dome top, no center pole required on any of our tanks.
You may have read or heard other tank manufacturers claiming more ribs for strength, or the traditional look. However the truth of the matter is that in the rotational moulding process ribbed or corrugated designs actually create a weakness in the tank. This is due to the internal corners in the mould. When the plastic powder rotates in the mould it hits the peak of the rib and has a natural tendency to flow either side of the highest point of the corner creating thin sections in the tank wall on the internal corners. Below are drawings of common tank wall cross sections.

You can see the thinner wall sections at the internal corners of the ribs and corrugations. Most manufacturers of ribbed and corrugated tanks use ultrasonic thickness testers to test the walls of their tanks, as you can see from the bellow drawing this method of testing does not always find the weak points in the tank. This is why ‘Comparison Tanks’ have a straight wall design and domed roof with no internal corners, this guarantees a uniform wall thickness with no weak points in our tanks.

Corrugated Wall Tank Ribbed Wall Tank
Typical Smooth Tank Wall
UV Stabalised as per the AS/NZ 4020 Standards. This means the tank will not taint your water and will survive in the harsh Australia outdoors for many years.

All tanks come fitted out to your specification from the factory, they also include brass outlets, ball valve, screened overflow and inlet mesh strainer.
Ensuring each tank has correct wall thickness
  • You need to satisfy council requirements or basix regulations.
  • In some areas when you renovate you may have to install tank of a certain size.
  • You may be environmentally friendly and wish to contain run-off.
  • You wish to save money off your rates bill.
  • You may need to have a reserve of water for fire fighting.
  • You may want to have independent water not relying on council supplies.
  • It is possible that some reservoirs may run out of water.
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